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Workshop Focus

The primary focus of this level of workshop is on solo ringing skills as they help a bell choir ringer. Topics (more than one is covered during a workshop) include: precision ringing, precision damping, dynamics, bell motion, table damping, stopped sound techniques, technique notation in music, passing bells, bell change drills, three bell drill, four bell drill, Shelley ringing and/or Four-in-Hand technique.

Advance planning for the workshop is made to the level desired. Generally minimum planning includes the number of bell choirs, and a time schedule. Additionally, the bell choir director can state the general skill level of the people in their bell choir(s) and determine the workshop structure. The workshop can then be built to include only the skills the director desires for a specific bell choir.

Another alternative is to start the workshop with a short selection. I can then include in the workshop those skills that would benefit the choir. When using this approach, it is still helpful to know in advance the general skill level of the bell choir.

Workshop Details

Typically this level of workshop works well for one or more bell choirs of the skill level. Individual workshops for bell choirs of different skill levels can be scheduled to follow at different times.

Typically the length of each workshop session of this level lasts from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Shorter workshop times are used for younger people with shorter attention spans. More advanced choirs may desire an intermediate or longer workshop.

These workshops are usually done using the tables and bell set the choir normally uses.

Who Can Benefit

Any bell choir group that desires improvement in the skill types listed can benefit. Advanced bell choirs that have mastered these techniques would be best advised to bypass this level of workshop.

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