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Solo handbells can provide a unique and soft sound for your wedding whether it is inside or outside (provided they are protected from rain). Many other instruments attempt to approach the sound of bells. We can provide the real thing.

While solo handbells can be a special addition to your wedding, because of their unique situation, the instrument probably cannot provide all of the music requirements of a wedding. Special pre-ceremony music, the processional, and/or solo selections are usually the best use of bells. Solo handbells usually do not work well at the recessional or in a reception (especially if dance music is needed).

Because they are a soft instrument, amplification would be required in a large gathering. This can usually be provided by the church where the wedding is held.


We would be happy to accommodate any needs which fall within the capability of the instrument. We can travel in the central Florida area or within our tour schedule. We are always happy to seek out new music and prepare it for professional presentation.

Our typical wedding attire is black formal. Other possibilities can be discussed.

We can provide auditions at no additional cost. These can either be in person or by video tape. We can also provide references either through this web site or by request.


You can select music from our current repertoire lists. Music currently in our repertoire and typically performed at weddings is listed on our Wedding Repertoire page. You may also find other solo selections for pre-service or solo spots on our complete Repertoire page.

If you have a special request that you do not see in our current repertoire, we would be happy to consider it. Provided an arrangement suitable for solo handbells could be made from existing music, we would gladly locate the music, arrange it, and prepare it for performance at your wedding. Please be advised that this will require substantial advance notice. Because of the size of the instrumental set-up, all music must be choreographed, memorized and practiced until we are entirely comfortable with it. Depending on the difficulty of the piece(s), this can take 2 to 4 months.

Space Needs for Weddings

We bring our own bells, tables and royal blue covers. Our tables are 4 feet long by 30 inches deep. If we will only be doing handbell solos, we use 3 tables for a total length of 12 feet. If we do any handbell duets, we use 4 tables for a total length of 16 feet. The tables have individually adjustable leg heights for added flexibility in setting up on stairs and other uneven surfaces.

In addition the handbell ringer(s) needs a flat surface about 12 to 18 inches deep behind the tables for the full length of the tables.

If we are playing a piece marked on the repertoire page as "accompanied", we will need access to a piano in proximity to the handbell setup. Some greater distances between the piano and handbells can be tolerated. Next to the handbells or behind the handbells are the best locations.

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