Workshop Details for "Solo Workshop I"

Solo Workshop I Focus

The primary focus of this level of workshop is on solo ringing skills for a beginning or intermediate handbell soloist. Only single bell techniques are covered in this workshop. Topics (more than one is covered during a workshop) include: legato ringing, table damping, dynamics, bell motion, passing bells, weaving, hand-over-hand, bell change drills, four bell drill, octave scale drill, three bell drill, and/or work on selected solos.

Advance planning for the workshop is made to the level desired. Generally minimum planning includes an approximate number of individual ringers, and a time schedule. Additionally, information about the general skill level of the people is desirable.

Workshop Details

Typically this level of workshop works well for a small group (6 - 20) of individuals who are or desire to become handbell soloists or ensemble ringers. For this workshop to function smoothly and with maximum individual attention, the full group will be split into two smaller groups. One or two sets of handbells will be needed in the main teaching area. (My set of handbells is used as one of the sets in the teaching area.) Another one or two sets of handbells will be needed in another room or rooms for individual practice. All bell sets will be placed in solo formation (less space between bells - about 4 feet per octave).

During the workshop, the two smaller groups are rotated between the teaching room and the practice room. I start teaching each group one or two techniques with some individual work for about 10 to 15 minutes. At the end of each session the groups switch with the group going to the practice room to practice what they were just shown. We move through the skills with both groups teaching each skill twice (once to each group).

The length of a solo workshop I session can last from 1 to 3 hours. This time can be scheduled in advance and we will end when agreed. In the shorter workshop, only a few techniques will be covered. Longer workshops will cover all the techniques and in more detail.

Who Can Benefit

Any individual ringer desiring instruction, practice and improvement in beginning solo handbell ringing techniques can benefit from this workshop. Each individual should be skilled in precision bell choir ringing techniques. Basic skills of table damping to change bells should already be mastered. The individual ringer does not have to be a bell soloist to meaningfully participate in this workshop.

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