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The information on this page is a summary. More information is available as indicated in the table. If you are interested in any of these items, please send an email to our publisher's representative. If you wish to receive updates about an item you purchase, please send us an email so that we can advise you of developments about the item you purchased.

1. Advanced Solo Ringing: Multiple Bell Techniques, # MNMB011, $26.50 (Book)
This book on solo ringing starts where all other solo ringing books stop. Solo handbells can now join other instruments at a virtuoso level. The method presented allows the soloist to ring multiple (two, three, or even four) parts throughout a piece. Combinations of melody, harmony, descant, and/or counterpoint melody are now possible in your handbell solos. This detailed book describes and shows all the techniques needed with notation to define each action. Four pieces are included.
2. Two Advanced Solos, # MNMHB530, $2.50 (Sheet Music)
Contains two solos (unaccompanied or bell accompaniment for a solo singer).
The notation in 1 above is used to show how to perform the handbell parts.
The two solos are:
a.   Amazing Grace.
b.   When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.

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These items were originally published through National Music Publishers. National Music Publishers was purchased by Emerson Music who was in turn purchased by Fred Bock Music Company. So my current publisher is Fred Bock Music Company. For handbell items, their representative is Jeffers Handbell Supply. Please contact the publisher's representative (Jeffers Handbell Supply) to place an order for items you would like. Use one of the ways listed below that you prefer. You will need to be specific in your message as to which item(s) you are interested in. Include a short title and the order number. (This can be typed in or copied and pasted from the page.) Also be sure to include your mailing address so that they can send you the items and invoice.

Jeffers Handbell Supply, Inc.
Call Jeffers Handbell Supply toll free @ 1-800-547-2355 (1-800-JHS-BELL)
Visit Jeffers Handbell Supply's web site @ www.HandbellWorld.com

(to place an order for items with the publisher's representative)

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Please send us an Email to be added to an update list for the item you purchased. You will need to be specific in your message as to which item(s) you purchased. (Alternate ways of contacting me are listed at the bottom of any page in this web site.)

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