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David Allen - handbell soloist

David Allen - handbell soloist, area IV AGEHR member, playing Dona Nobis Pacem, measure 7 beat 2 in the sound file

David playing Dona Nobis Pacem on bells, measure 7 just before beat 3 in the sound file.

    My daughter, Amy, and I are accomplished English handbell soloists (we also do handbell duets) specializing in the multiple bell techniques that I have developed.  My book, Advanced Solo Ringing: Multiple Bell Techniques, is the first work to detail many of these skills.  I am a member of the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers, AGEHR.  Our family group, the Allen Family Bells, also includes my wife, Cheryl, our singer and accompanist.  The Allen Family Bells tours providing concerts, handbell workshops, and handbell music for worship services.
    We have recently formed a new group called Trilogy dedicated to chime solos and bell solos and duets and trios.  For more information see the Trilogy page.

We have an advanced solo ringing article published in November/December, 2000 issue of AGEHR's magazine, Overtones.  Figure 4 is an except from O Lord Most Holy out of my book, Advanced Solo Ringing: Multiple Bell Techiques (see the Publications page).  See the Article Pictures page, as referenced in the article, for a sequential set of photos to visualize how the excerpt is played.

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I play Dona Nobis Pacem, as a 3-part round. The sound file is of the 8 measures where all 3 parts are being played simultaneously and lasts about 34 seconds. The sound file is 375 K bytes in size and will take about 3 to 4 minutes to download with a 28.8K modem and an average connection.

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Sound File

This sound file was recorded April 11, 1998 in wave format. If you have saved it since then, you do not need to do so again.

With my techniques,
now listen to what
a Soloist can do.

You will need a sound card to be able to hear the sound files. If you need to download an evaluation shareware wave program to be able to hear the sound files Click Here. It takes several minutes to load all 8 pictures on the pictures page. pics/pics.jpg (3K Bytes)
Concert Pictures
April 11, 1998

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