Advanced Solo Ringing: Multiple Bell Techniques
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The book, Advanced Solo Ringing: Multiple Bell Techniques, starts where other books on solo handbell technique stop. It assumes that the reader is already familiar with single bell techniques described in those books and references them for guidance if the reader is not familiar. Also covered in the introduction are tips on equipment setup to maximize skill mastery.

Multiple bell techniques are divided into sections on adjusting bells, returning bells, moving bells, crossing bells, passing bells, ringing multiple bells, ring-&-damp technique, damping techniques, drop damping techniques, getting bells, three-bell techniques, and four-bell techniques. In each section diagrams about the notation detail the notation meaning and options. Photographs show the technique during execution. The text describes variations in the technique with tips on improved execution of the technique.

New potentials for variations in presentation are discussed briefly. A section on learning methods is also included.

In an appendix, music for 4 selections is presented in full piano score format.
1. O Lord Most Holy (bell solo)
2. Magnificat (bell accompaniment)
3. The Star Spangled Banner (bell duet) and
4. Infant Holy, Infant Lowly (bell duet)

In other appendices, the notation figures are grouped for easy reference, a sequence of 42 exercises are presented to, at first, isolate the various techniques and later combine them in standard musical passages.

In a separately bound study score section, the handbell parts are notated in detail to assist the reader in learning how to play the music using the techniques described in the book.

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